The natural source of Farmaka's water dates to hundreds of years ago with the formation of the Troodos Papoutsas mountains, ending at the high mountains of Farmakas which are 1395m in altitude, where St. Irene, protector of our vilage, walked.

Since 1993, the bottling plant is located in the location "Holy water" at the foot of Saint Panteleimon. The water is filtered naturally through the high mountains of Farmakas and has a clean, neutral flavor, low in solvent solids. This makes our water ideal for complementing food, wine and the famous local tomatoes, as it is refreshing and leaves no aftertaste.

Our company started operation 17 years ago by our family in Farmakas village.
In the last two years we have expanded and cover a large part of the Cypriot market.

Natural spring water
is a lifestyle choice